More on Solar Water Heaters!

Spent some more time today looking over Solar water heating systems, solar water heater components and most important the pricing of each type of system. We still haven’t chose which system to install and market, but with the prices of each system so high, it will be hard to convince home owners how good this kind of change can bring to their home. Another factor in determining the type of system to install is the simplicity of it. When you think about it, all you really need are solar panels that pre-heat the water before it goes through the water heater. In my opinion, you don’t need all those pumps, valves, control modules, aqua stats and other fittings to install a solar water heating system so of course I am looking for a system that best fits this idea. The last thing a home owner would want is a huge water heating plant with numerous fittings and valves that can go wrong. I like to play along the lines of keeping it simple. Ultimately I look at it and say, what would I want installed in my house? Usually this helps to keep things like this in perspective.

So far we are looking at the options available from AO Smith Solar Water Heaters, Fafco Solar Water Heaters and Sun Earth Solar Water Heaters. The main topics we are looking into for each system are the installation costs, number of components, type of system (Passive or Active, Drain Back or Glycol), reviews of each system and the simplicity of each system.

Once we find the Solar Water Heater System that best fits our ideas, we will be looking to get more involved in the Las Vegas and Pahrump areas and increasing our relationship with NV Energy and South West Gas to share in the marketing and installation of these systems.

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  1. I like your idea of keeping it simple when installing a solar water heater. Plumbing by a plumber doesn’t have to be complicated to work well in Las Vegas and Pahrump. I’m sure whether you choose the AO Smith or Sun Earth the choice will be great and you will have a great partnership with South West Gas.

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  2. It’s refreshing to see a neighbor/company looking into ways to effectively install a functional system, with the backing and research to be confident in the product, not just because it’s the latest and “greatest” technology. Thanks,

    Dewayne’s Digital Photography Corner

  3. I’m delighted to see you taking the time and trouble to thoroughly research your products. Yes, solar can be a difficult sell due to the length of the payback time; however this is undoubtedly helped by the subsidies / rebates from NV Energy etc. From an eco-friendly perspective, solar heating- especially in Nevada – is the way to go!

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